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69 feet
at 20 mph
123 feet
at 30 mph
189 feet
at 40 mph
Vehicle Stopping
Be safe.
I’m closer than you think.
Distance when a driver may first see a pedestrian.
55 feet
80 feet
120 feet
180 feet
260 feet
at 60 mph
stop number
For your convenience, now you can receive actual arrival information
— not just schedule information — whenever, wherever, and however
you want. RTC NextRIDE uses Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking
satellites and advance computer modeling to predict vehicle arrival/departure
information and provides real-time maps to passengers.
To find out when the next bus will arrive at
your stop you can:
• On your smart phone or computer
internet browser, enter
and select Nevada as your Transit System.
• Dial 775-473-1065 for the voice
response system and enter your bus
(available online or at
bus stop)
• Text 41411 to get your next bus arrival
information and enter your bus stop number.
Only standard SMS charges from one’s cell
phone company apply. RTC and NextBus
do not charge for text messages.
RTC NextRIDE is available for all routes.
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